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Bored of looking at the same old walls? Or need an interior Change?

Well, you are in luck! Because The Pro Painters are here to give a new look to your walls. Updating your interior painting can be an excellent example of a home improvement task that is often overlooked but a necessary one.  Hiring an experienced  professional painting company to repaint your house’s interior can be an ingenious way to really make your interior space feel new and fresh again without the hassle of an entire remodel. 


Looking For Professional Interior Painting Services?

Interior Painting Services | INTERIOR SERVICES

Interior painting jobs involve much more than putting on a fresh coat of paint, as there are many different tasks that must be done before the paint is applied. 

If you will give a try and do it yourself you have to clean the walls, remove old and chipped paint, apply primer, sand the walls, and then finally apply a new coat of fresh paint


The process might seem easy, but it is easier said than done.

It is wise to go with professional painters if you don’t want to damage your interior walls or spend numerous hours trying.

At The Pro Painters we have all the necessary tools, knowledge and all the experience in completing the job better than anyone.

If you are looking for a professional painting company in your area, The Pro Painter is your best choice if you are looking quality results and clean finish.

We are a locally owned painting company and we provide world-class painting services in many states in the US.

We provide multiple home improvement services, including interior painting.

So, if you want to paint the interior of your home, office or commercial space, you can contact with The Pro Painters near you.

What is Interior Painting?

It is a type of painting service in which you paint the interior part or space of any property. All the painting tasks done inside the house or office are considered interior painting. 

It includes painting walls, ceiling, drywall repair, painting windows, kitchen cabinets, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Many homeowners choose to hire interior painting services when they are looking to refresh or redecorate the interior of their homes. Painting the interior of a house can be quite tricky, which is why many homeowners choose to employ professional interior painters.

The main purpose of interior painting is to improve the aesthetics and look of the property. It works as a decoration for the walls. However, it also helps to protect the walls against dampness and damages.

It gives stability and durability to the walls inside the property. You will be able to easily clean, wash and maintain the wall. 


Clients pay more attention to interior painting as it affects the overall beauty and vibes of the house. It is very important to choose the right color on your walls in order to complement the furniture and other props in the house.

Nowadays, most people are opting for unique paint colors and textures.

They go for a combination of different color schemes and decorate a single large wall with textured paint.

It makes the interior space look spacious, stunning, and beautiful.

As people spend most of their time inside their house, interior paint is a big deal.

It can affect the overall vibe of the house along with your mood. Because of this reason, you need to choose the interior painting company wisely. 

A simple mishap or paint malfunction can leave you with ugly house details for years to come. So, make sure you hire the best painting company who is experienced in all kinds interior painting and quality projects.

Interior Painting by The Pro Painters:

The Pro Painters is one of the best professional painting companies in the United States with hundreds of positive reviews and successes painting projects.

We have locally owned painting companies in multiple states and cities in the USA.

We offer extraordinary interior painting services in order to make the living space stand out from other parts of the house.

No matter what type of interior painting services you need, our painters are experienced in handling every painting task.

We have a licensed and highly qualified team of painters that specializes in interior painting ready for you most of the times available the next day!

Our painters know what kind of equipment and supplies are required to complete a good job.

Having the right tools, paints, and supplies will make an interior painting job done right.

Apart from that, our painters use only high quality and eco-friendly paint products. Quality paint products are an essential part of a professional painter’s kit.

Without top-quality paint products, a job could end up looking blotchy and uneven. Our interior painting team will give your home a professional finish.

If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider utilizing the services of our interior painting company. Our services are affordable and cost-effective. You can obtain free quotes for the interior painting job.

We provide remote / Virtual as well as one-site quotes.

We will not only help create a beautiful-looking interior but will also provide useful tips and advice to help with any home improvement projects.

We help our clients with color selection and techniques to make the room look spacious. We can also perform a number of tasks that are essential for homeowners who live in small or limited spaces. 

We provide multiple interior painting services for residential as well as commercial areas. We will help you with paint stripping and removal, drywall repair and installation, living room painting, kitchen cabinets painting, bathroom painting, bedroom painting, window painting, ceiling painting, etc. 

Apart from that, we have designed a perfect process for interior painting. Our painters follow this rigorous process to provide 100% customer stratification and complete all the projects on time.

Our Interior Painting Process:

The Pro Painters take complete responsibility for the painting job. You don’t have to worry about any damages or accidents. You can rest assured about the painting project. The painters are trained and eligible to do all types of painting and repair work.

  • With years of experience, we know how to handle all types of the interior painting process. Our team will help you to complete big as well as small projects with the same precision. We will help you with fresh painting as well as repainting walls. Our interior painting process includes all these steps:

Step 1: Confirm Paint Color

The first thing we do is confirm the paint color. We can help you to apply the same paint color as well as take new requests. Our painters will offer you a catalog to choose the color scheme for interior painting.

You can opt for color consultation services as well. We will help you to choose the right paint color for interior painting. 

Step 2: Sanitization

Once the paint color is confirmed, our interior painting team will follow sanitizing procedure. All our painters completely sanitize their hands before starting the painting job. The wear masks as well as follow social distancing. 

Step 3: Interior Area Protection / Preparation

After sanitization, we start covering the surface area to protect the floor, furniture, windows, and all the other things. Our team uses a plastic sheet to cover all the surfaces from droplets of paint. It is a very important step as it helps with damage protection.

Once everything is covered, we will start with surface preparation. Before applying a paint coat, it is necessary to prepare the walls. Our interior painting team will fill all the holes, cracks, and uneven surfaces on the walls.

We also scruff down loose and paint damages on walls. It helps in creating a smooth surface for your painting. 

Step 4: Priming and Painting

After preparing the surface, our painters will apply a coat of primer on the walls. Once it is dry, they will sand the wall to get an even surface.

We will apply a second coat of primer and then finally apply good quality paint. After the first coat is dry, our painters will apply another coat of paint. If it is a light color, only two coats are required.

However, if it is a dark shade, our painters will apply three coats of paint.

Step 5: Cleaning & Inspection

Once the painting work is complete, our cleaning crew will remove the plastic sheet and clean all the surfaces. They will sweep the floor and clean the area completely. 

In the end, our supervisor will inspect the painting work along with you to make sure the client is satisfied. We follow up with the clients to make sure they are happy with the work.

Our interior painting job comes with a warranty as well. So, if there is any damage, we will repair it for free. 

FREE Virtual Quotes:

Before hiring painters, clients ask for quotations. It helps them to estimate the budget and cost. However, most of the companies charge for a quotation. But this is not the case with The Pro Painters. Here, you will get a full quotation for free.

  • Free Quotation: with The Pro Painters you will get free written quotes. It will help you to know the total cost of the painting service.
  • On-Site and Remote Quotation: We provide on-site as well as Virtual 15 Minute Quotes! You can either contact us through our  online website to get a quotation or call our 24/7 phone line. All you need to do is enter your details, and we will get back to you with a full quotation.
  • Free Consultation: You will also get free consultation services. We will provide free consultation for your painting project. We will show you the latest designs and help prepare a custom project as well.

Our Interior Painting Services:

Interior painting is a sacred job to The Pro Painters as it represents not only the living space but also the personality of the people living inside it. So, in order to provide 100% customer satisfaction, we take extra efforts to provide world-class interior painting services.

We have multiple teams of painters who specialize in different types of painting services. Here are the types of interior painting services we offer:

Color Consultation: 

We provide color consultation services for interior painting. Our professional color consultant will help you to choose the right color for the interior space. We have sample card in which different color shades and combination is given. It will help you to choose the right color. We will also guide you about the furniture and decoration.

Cabinets Painting: 

You will also get cabinet painting services. If you want to refinish or paint your kitchen cabinets, our cabinet painting team will help you. We remove all the cabinet pieces, prep the area, sand and make the surface event and paint and stain the cabinet pieces. Once it is done, our team will reassemble it. We use spray paint to provide an even and smooth finish. You can choose the type and texture of the paint.

Drywall Repair and Installation:

If the drywall in your home or office is damaged, our team will help you to repair it. They can easily repair holes, water damage, dents, and cracks. Apart from repairing drywall, they will help you to install new ones as well. It is very important to repair old and damaged drywall before starting the painting job.

Wallpaper Removal:

We also provide wallpaper removal services. If you want to remove old wallpaper from your interior walls, we can help you. Our team has special equipment which helps to remove wallpaper easily without damaging the walls. 

Paint Stripping and Removal:

Apart from wallpaper removal, we also provide paint stripping and removal services. Our team will help you to strip and remove old paint from the house. After that, you can either apply wallpaper or repaint the interior.

Window and Door Painting:

You will also get window and door painting services. If the wooden or metallic windows and doors in your home are damaged, you can apply a new coat of paint to them. Our team will remove the old paint and make the surface event to repaint it. 

Painting All Interior Spaces:

Apart from all the above-mentioned services, we provide different types of interior room painting services. Here are the different rooms we can help you paint:

  • Bedroom Painting: We can help you to give a new look to your bedroom. You can choose the color as per your bedroom structure, space, and lighting. We paint the ceiling as well as walls.


  • Living Room Painting: You will also get Living Room painting services. It is one of the most important spaces in your house as most of the guests sit here. We will help you in transforming your living room into a warm and happy place.


  • Kitchen Painting: The kitchen is another important part of your home as women spend most of the time here. We will help you to paint the kitchen in such a way that it complements the cabinets and equipment.


  • Bathroom Painting: Although it is the smallest space in the house, it still defines your personality. Our team can help you paint the bathroom in bright colors and make it look elegant and clean.


  • Home Office Painting: If you have an office at home, we can paint it accordingly to make it suitable to work. The paint sequence will give it a professional look. 


  • Dining Room Painting: Many people don’t really see the appeal of the painting dining room. However, it is an important place for family dinners and many occasions. Our painters can help you make the dining room look cozy and welcoming. 


  • Foyer / Hallway Painting: We also provide foyer painting services. We will help you to paint the foyer and make the entryway look good. Apart from that, we can also help you paint the staircase.


  • Nursery Painting: If you have a newborn in the house, we can help you paint the nursery as per the color of your choice. We use non-toxic and eco-friendly paint, which is safe for kids.


  • Kids Room Painting: We can also help you to paint the kid’s room. We can give it is a theme and make their room as per their liking. 


  • Basement Painting: Many people avoid painting the basement is it is mostly used for storage. However, we can help you change the old and worn-down place into a cool and spacious room for parties and get-togethers.

The Pro Painters Affordable Rates: 

At The Pro Painters, you don’t have to worry about the budget. We provide quality services at affordable rates. Our quotations are fair and most of the times cheaper compared to other companies.

  • Competitive Prices: Our Company offers painting services at competitive rates. The price is neither too high nor too low. It is perfect as per the service and quality we provide.
  • No Hidden Cost: There is no hidden cost in our quotation. We will not ask for extra money once the job is done.
  • On Budget:  We will complete the painting job within your budget. You don’t have to worry about paying more money. 
  • Payment Options: You will get convenient payment options to pay money. We accept cash, checks, online payment, debit card, credit cards, etc. 

The Pro Painters Timely Management:

The biggest problem with painting jobs is that it always takes more time than estimated. However, with The Pro Painters, you don’t have to worry about that. We will help you to complete the job on time and give you a completion estimate before your projects start.

  • On Schedule: Our employees work as per the schedule. They will not take any leaves and work as per the timeline of the project. 
  • Start and End Time: They start as well as end the work on time every day. They will arrive and leave the property at the scheduled time. 
  • Meets Deadline: The Pro Painters are known for completing projects on time. We meet all the deadlines with the quality and the customer always in mind .

Interior services

  • Plaster/Repair Drywall
  • Wallpaper – Installation and Uncovering
  • Apartment, Condominium, painting
  • Staircases and hallways Service
  • Faux finishes.

Pro Chicago Painters we are happy to provide free budget estimates and stuck evaluation for the task you wish. we’ve got been the foremost respected painter in the Chicago area for many years now.

Interior Painting Services

Exterior painting services

Commercial Painting

Drywall Installation & Repairs

Wallpaper Removal Services

Flooring Installation & Repair

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Why choose our Chicago painting services?

We use top painters and best products to make sure our painting services are of the best quality. This is a list of our advantages:

Fully licensed and insured painters

Variety and affordability of our painting services.

Great time management skills to start on time and meet the deadline.

We use best paint brands or brand of your choice.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We understand the inconvenience and we respect your privacy.

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The price of our painting your house depends on numerous specifics related to the project usually the size, they type of project, the time it will take to complete. We are happy to come visit you at your home or workplace to personally provide you with a complimentary quote and discuss the details of the project with you. We recommend you get in touch via our email or phone to get a free quote.

Our local painters are experts in both interior & exterior house painting services. We have expertise in all areas of residential and commercial painting. Whether you need to paint a door or large commercial buildings, we paint it all.

The House Painters uses only quality paint on all jobs. We stick with Dulux paints because they are:

  1. Long lasting
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Long Lasting and made to last.

We are a highly professional when it comes to our painting jobs. Once the job is scheduled, you will be given an approximate starting date. If it is necessary to get your property painted immediately, we can probably make special arrangements to paint right away or on the weekend. We are able to accommodate most time frames and have considerable flexibility in this regard due to our large team of professional painters.

Our attention to detail is second to none. Our decision not to employ subcontractors, ensures a high quality hand painted premium finish. Unlike other painters we don’t cut corners to save the time and money. The House Painters reputation is on our exceptional paint finish, doing intensive preparation and using only quality paint with high quality finishes. You can read some of our client’s review in our Testimonials page.

Yes, of course. Although we are house painting experts, we also specialize in all kind of commercial painting services including office buildings, showrooms, hotels, retail complexes amongst others. In addition, our work is carried out with strict compliance with WHS regulations, and we hold public liability Insurance of $20M for your peace.

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