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There is nothing tedious than scraping off paint from the walls! Best professional paint removal services in the region.

If you want to apply a new coat of paint on walls, doors, or kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to remove the old paint.


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Paint Removal Services | The Pro Painters | INTERIOR SERVICES

There is nothing tedious than scraping off paint from the walls!

If you want to apply a new coat of paint on walls, doors, or kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to remove the old paint.

It is a crucial part of the painting. If you don’t remove the old paint, the new coat of paint will eventually fall off after a few months.

So, in order to make the paint more durable, you need to scrape the old paint and sand the walls. It will give you an even surface to paint.

This way, the paint will not only last long but also appear even and smooth without any crease. Paint removal is the first step in applying quality paint.

In this process, a professional painter uses different types of tools and equipment to remove the old paint. If you don’t want to do this tedious task on your own, it is best to hire a professional.

The Pro Painters offer this type of painting service all over the USA. We can help you remove old paint from interior walls, exterior walls, wooden surfaces, etc. 

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Paint Removal Services

Paint removal is the process of scraping off and removing old and loose paint from the different surfaces. You can use a scraper, chemicals as well an abrasive scrubber to remove old paint.

It will help you to easily sand the walls and apply a fresh coat of paint for a better finish. You can either do it on your own or hire The Pro Painters to do it for you.

If your house is big or if the paint won’t come off easily, it is better to opt for our services. It will help you to save time as well as money and get a quality paint job. 

There are three primary ways of paint stripping. All three of them use a high-quality product that doesn’t require scraping, sanding, or chemical solvents.

Oil-based and water-based paints are the most difficult to remove. To do this, you need a combination of different solutions. If you’re painting a home, the best option is to sand the surface. Otherwise, you can use a soda blasting technique to eliminate the paint. 

Caustic paint removers are very popular, but you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. They take 12 to 42 hours to work. Caustic aqueous solutions are commonly used by antique dealers to remove old paint from furniture. However, these solvents are not safe to use in poorly ventilated areas and should be avoided. 

Another popular method is to use vinegar. Vinegar can soften the paint. To use it, you can heat it up in a microwave or on the stove. After several minutes, you can use a brush to apply the vinegar solution and scrape it off with a brush. This method is best for smaller projects. 

For exterior paint removal, a pressure washer is the best technique to remove paint. The pressure will remove the paint, leaving a surface that’s cleaner and ready for a new coating.

You can also use a putty knife or plastic scraper to remove old paint from walls. The scraper blade will help you to easily peel off old paint from the walls. This is one of the easiest methods to remove paint from walls. 

At The Pro Painters, we have a professional team of painters to help easily remove old paint from the walls and prep it for a new coat of paint. We have special tools to easily remove paint in a short span of time without any hassle. 

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Our Paint Removal Process:

At The Pro Painters, we remove old paint before applying a fresh coat of paint. It is an important part of our painting process. Here are the steps we follow to remove old paint.

  • Step 1: Prep Surface

To remove old paint from the walls, you need to prep the surface first. You need to cover the floor with a plastic sheet to avoid any mess or damage. It will help you to easily clean the house and avoid any damage. 

  • Step 2: Select Paint Removal Method

Now, you need to select an appropriate paint removal technique depending on the type of paint. You can either choose sanding, scraper, or chemical paint remover. These are the three common techniques to remove old paint. 

  • Step 3: Remove Old Paint

Once you select the method, you need to start removing the old paint. You can use a scraper or easily scrape off the paint. You can also use sandpaper to sand the old paint. Apart from that, you can use a roller to apply chemical on the walls and later remove it with a scraper. 

  • Step 4: Remove Left Over Paint

Lastly, you can use sandpaper to remove the leftover paint from the walls. It will help you to create an even surface on the walls. 

Benefits of Paint Removal Services:

If you are planning to redecorate your home, one of the most important processes is paint removal. You need to get the old paint off to prepare the surface for a new finish. 

  • Easy and Quick Paint Removal: 

Hiring a professional paint removal service is the best option because this work can be a time-consuming and dangerous process. A professional paint removal service ensures that the new paint goes on evenly and with a clean appearance. Painting can be difficult, and removing the old paint can be challenging. We know the proper methods to remove old paint. We know what cleaning products to use and how to use nozzles to make the process as safe as possible. 

  • Perfect Paint Finish: 

Hiring a paint removal service is a great way to ensure that your new paint finish will go on evenly and with a clean, polished appearance. We use a variety of methods to accomplish the task. These methods depend on the type of previous coatings, the location of the paint, and the number of layers. Most paint can be removed by power washing, steam, scraper, and scrubber. 

  • Saves Money and Time: 

Besides ensuring that the new paint finishes evenly, a paint removal service can save you money on labor costs and capital expenses. Using our expert paint removal service will also help you to avoid putting your home or business in danger. While removing old paint isn’t easy, it’s a critical step in renovating a home or building. By using our professional, you can be assured of a flawless finish and a refinishing project.

  • Proper Tools and Equipment: 

Besides saving money on labor costs, a paint removal service also ensures a better-looking finish. We use an abrasive technique that is effective at removing most paint. These techniques usually require the use of high-quality tools and equipment, including abrasive materials. The process of paint removal is essential if you want to make sure the new color will go on evenly and have a polished appearance.

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The price of our painting your house depends on numerous specifics related to the project usually the size, they type of project, the time it will take to complete. We are happy to come visit you at your home or workplace to personally provide you with a complimentary quote and discuss the details of the project with you. We recommend you get in touch via our email or phone to get a free quote.

Our local painters are experts in both interior & exterior house painting services. We have expertise in all areas of residential and commercial painting. Whether you need to paint a door or large commercial buildings, we paint it all.

The House Painters uses only quality paint on all jobs. We stick with Dulux paints because they are:

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We are a highly professional when it comes to our painting jobs. Once the job is scheduled, you will be given an approximate starting date. If it is necessary to get your property painted immediately, we can probably make special arrangements to paint right away or on the weekend. We are able to accommodate most time frames and have considerable flexibility in this regard due to our large team of professional painters.

Our attention to detail is second to none. Our decision not to employ subcontractors, ensures a high quality hand painted premium finish. Unlike other painters we don’t cut corners to save the time and money. The House Painters reputation is on our exceptional paint finish, doing intensive preparation and using only quality paint with high quality finishes. You can read some of our client’s review in our Testimonials page.

Yes, of course. Although we are house painting experts, we also specialize in all kind of commercial painting services including office buildings, showrooms, hotels, retail complexes amongst others. In addition, our work is carried out with strict compliance with WHS regulations, and we hold public liability Insurance of $20M for your peace.

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